Thursday, April 14, 2011

one, two , "flee"!!!

OK, I have one more kid to get in school.  After 6, I think I am on the downhill on this school thing.

I wasn't able to get Wheezer in a preschool so we are working on her numbers and letters here at home.

Our school didn't have any openings in their preschool program, and they want a million dollars a week for any preschool in our area.

For some reason Wheezer can count but has a problem with her number three.

Yesterday at the kitchen table, Grandpa was "homeschooling" her.

She also has a bit of a problem saying the word "three".

Just for the record, she can sing the whole opening song to Phinias and Ferb.  (So can I).

She starts out "one two, four, five".

Grandpa says to her " One, two, three, four, five".

After about five minutes, she is NOT listening and still can't get it.

"Do you want a crack on the butt?"

"No, grandpa, not really".

"Then pay attention."


"One, two, pause."


She says "flee"

"one, two, flee, four, five".

"Now, that's better"

I whisper in her ear.  "tomarrow, you better say the numbers correctly or you will have to "flee" from the wrath of Grandpa.

She sits at the table all night.

"flee, flee, flee"

One, two, flee,four, five.


I hum the Phineas and Ferb tune under my breath.

"Hey Ferb, whatta you gonna do today?"

"flee, flee, flee"

Talk later,


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