Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

So who in the heck invented Spring Break?

Teachers? Kids?

Certainly not Moms.

Is it Easter Vacation?  Maybe the Easter Bunny invented it, I doubt he had any kids if he did.  Must have been a bachelor bunny.

About two days into this wonderful break every year I ask myself "is this ever going to end"?

The candy is long gone and I have eaten enough egg salad sandwiches to last me for the rest of the year.

The weather is not good enough to throw the kids outside and there are not enough movies in the whole Erie County library system to keep them out of trouble.

Some people go on trips, I opted out of that after our famous Virginia trip where the kids wore their winter boots, forgot their sneakers, and it was all my fault.

Monday they will be back in school.

I hope I make it that long.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrifting "are you kidding me"?

So I have been reading alot of blogs lately about thrifting.  There is some sort of big deal going on like "try not to buy anything retail for 30 days".

You have got to be kidding  me.

Try 30 years.

I bet you could fit all the crap I have bought retail in a lunchpail.  OK, maybe a file cabinet.

No shit, I am not kidding.

I will start to post crap I get either from thrift stores, free, or crap people just give me.

I was going to start it today, but I have no idea how to take my camera off "movie" and put it on "photo".

Oh yeah, here's a great start.  1.  camera: given to me by oldest daughter when she got one on her new cell phone.  Camera number 2, gift from a friend when she upgraded.  Neither one I know how to use.

Still trying to figure out how to put the film in them.

Talk later,


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Phineas And Ferb - Hey Ferb! (I Know What We're Gonna Do Today) Lyrics (HQ)

one, two , "flee"!!!

OK, I have one more kid to get in school.  After 6, I think I am on the downhill on this school thing.

I wasn't able to get Wheezer in a preschool so we are working on her numbers and letters here at home.

Our school didn't have any openings in their preschool program, and they want a million dollars a week for any preschool in our area.

For some reason Wheezer can count but has a problem with her number three.

Yesterday at the kitchen table, Grandpa was "homeschooling" her.

She also has a bit of a problem saying the word "three".

Just for the record, she can sing the whole opening song to Phinias and Ferb.  (So can I).

She starts out "one two, four, five".

Grandpa says to her " One, two, three, four, five".

After about five minutes, she is NOT listening and still can't get it.

"Do you want a crack on the butt?"

"No, grandpa, not really".

"Then pay attention."


"One, two, pause."


She says "flee"

"one, two, flee, four, five".

"Now, that's better"

I whisper in her ear.  "tomarrow, you better say the numbers correctly or you will have to "flee" from the wrath of Grandpa.

She sits at the table all night.

"flee, flee, flee"

One, two, flee,four, five.


I hum the Phineas and Ferb tune under my breath.

"Hey Ferb, whatta you gonna do today?"

"flee, flee, flee"

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011



OK, so this friend of mine gets a new job. I have no idea what he does, I am just glad he got a job.

He comes over for coffee the other day.

He tells me about some forms he had to fill out at work.

"The boss told me to fill out my YOP forms".

I poured him a cup of coffee, trying to look like I knew what in the heck he was talking about.

"Did you get the forms in on time?"

"Oh yeah, Annie, they were easy to fill out, you could even do them".

"Oh", I answered.

I cut some cake and still tried to look like I knew what in the heck he was talking about.

Maybe there are new forms I don't know about out there in the work place.

Maybe I am just really stupid.

He waits for a while.

"Aren't you gonna ask me what YOP stands for"?

"Sure", I answer.

"Your Own Opinion".

"Oh sure, I knew that", I answer while lighting up a cigarette and still trying not to look like an idiot.

"Oh, Annie, you would love it, they have these forms and you have to fill them out once a month and give your own opinion on what goes on at work".

I sit there for a minute.

"Do they have forms like that for house hold use?"

He looks at me funny.

"I think I should fill those out here, you know, what goes on here, or better yet, what DOESN'T go on here. You know, give my own opinion on why the toilet seat still isn't fixed and why my car still sits in the driveway waiting for a new fuel pump".

"I better go out and see what Grampa is doing out in the sugar shanty", was his reply.


Talk later,


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boiling sap

OK, so you put the kids to bed and you are sitting in the dark watching Blue Collar Comedy because obviously you have no life.

It's about 10:30 at night which is really late for you to be up.

Someone pulls in the yard and you ignore it.  Probably some lost drunk.

The phone rings and it's your sister in law.

"I'm in the shanty, Grampy's boiling sap, get  your but down here!'

"nah", you reply and hang up.

You sit there, Larry the Cable Guy says goodnight.

The phone rings again, "For God's sake, get your but down here, we have home made cider'.

"Nah" you answer.

You sit there in your bathrobe.

It's raining out.

The late news comes on.

You can't stand it any longer.

You get your rubber barn boots on and throw on a coat over your bathrobe.

The shanty smells so good, like maple.

"We knew you would come down".

"yeah," you reply.

They hand you a bottle of home made hard cider.

They hand you a cigarette, you light it with the fire from the sap boiler.

Grampy entertains everyone with his stories. He uses the word Jesus about 20 times and the term "it's over", another 30.

It is good to be home with my redneck family.

Talk later,