Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrifting "are you kidding me"?

So I have been reading alot of blogs lately about thrifting.  There is some sort of big deal going on like "try not to buy anything retail for 30 days".

You have got to be kidding  me.

Try 30 years.

I bet you could fit all the crap I have bought retail in a lunchpail.  OK, maybe a file cabinet.

No shit, I am not kidding.

I will start to post crap I get either from thrift stores, free, or crap people just give me.

I was going to start it today, but I have no idea how to take my camera off "movie" and put it on "photo".

Oh yeah, here's a great start.  1.  camera: given to me by oldest daughter when she got one on her new cell phone.  Camera number 2, gift from a friend when she upgraded.  Neither one I know how to use.

Still trying to figure out how to put the film in them.

Talk later,


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